Zero Escape Virtue’s Last Reward Rom

Zero Escape Virtue's Last Reward Rom

Zero Escape Virtue’s Last Reward Rom

October 23, 2012
Nintendo 3DS Emulator

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Game Description

Zero Escape Virtue’s Last Reward, Gyokugen Dasshutsu ADV: Zennin Shiboudes in Japan, which translates to instilling Adventure: Good people die is a visual new adventure game for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita, developed by Chunsoft and did the creators of 999, nine hours, nine nine doors of the DS is the script’s behavior policy.

The game features full voiceover work. First, the title is not going to be localized in North America, however, after it was clear that Aksys Games handling its publication. The game was released in Japan on February 16, 2012 North America and on October 23, 2012.

In Europe, there is a Rising Star Games and released, published November 16, 2012. The game was rushing stars, (and somewhat perverted) Sigma The hero When caught in the elevator master. Sigma is, therefore, to escape the 16 different rooms, each puzzle is unique: 8 and others, in order to escape alive.

It is important for the game Flowchart hopping back and forth between Timelines allowed if the latest developers offender. There are two difficulty levels, easy or difficult, according to the players as well as 24 lives are changed and the end to which decisions are to do and does not do.

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