Wonder Project J2 Rom

Wonder Project J2 Rom

Wonder Project J2 Rom

Givro, Enix
Nintendo 64

On release Wonder Project J2 received critical acclaim. The most praised aspects of the game were the visuals, audio, and gameplay. Download for the “Nintendo 64” game is available to download only on ROMsWorld.

Game Description

Wonder Project J2 Koruro no Mori no Josette is a Japan-exclusive,  Bishōjo simulation game developed for the Nintendo 64 in 1996. It is the project Enix’s amazing results from J Kikai no Shonen Pino. He was one of the first games available for the Nintendo 64 in Japan, and packaged with the game themed Controller Pak.

Project surprising amazing project j j2 thread is not necessary to know what is going on very well and returned by letter. This time, the game’s first Gijin girl (robot) named Josette, which is the same Doctor Geppetto 15 years in the union, itself. The game was released for the Nintendo 64 on 22 November 1996.

Although the game was originally intended as an exclusive Nintendo 64, Enix later announced that they were working on a PlayStation version with additional animated sequences that would not fit within the Nintendo 64 cartridge’s memory limitations.

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Wonder Project J2
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