Vs. Super Mario Bros Rom

Vs. Super Mario Bros Rom

Vs. Super Mario Bros Rom

Nintendo ES

On release Vs. Super Mario Bros received critical acclaim. The most praised aspects of the game were the visuals, audio, and gameplay. Download for the “Nintendo ES” game is available to download only on ROMsWorld.

Game Description

Vs. Super Mario Bros. is an arcade adaptation of Super Mario 1986 (1985), released on Nintendo VS. Nintendo system and Vs. Unisystem (and its various Ps Nintendo Dualsystem). For narrower platforms, more challenging enemies, less hidden power-ups and 200 coins required for an extra life instead of 100, existing levels were made much more difficult.

erit featured in campestribus quoque et in Iaponica utilius feliciusque successit Super 2. in Mario game being featured in public and Dementia contest the 1986 convention in Chicago. Super Mario Bros., character Mario is setting off on an adventure to save the lovely King Bowser Koopa Princess Peach Toadstool. She is able to reverse King Koopa’s black magic, which explains his reasons for her abduction.

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Vs. Super Mario Bros
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