Twilight Princess ROM

Twilight Princess ROM

Twilight Princess ROM

Nintendo EAD
December 15, 2006

Twilight Princess Rom is regarded as one of the great game of Legend of Zelda series ever to release for GameCube, selling millions of copies worldwide.

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Game Description

The Legend of Zelda is undoubtedly one of the most important gaming franchises of all time. Nintendo’s very own, the franchise has released multiple titles on various Nintendo devices.
And the Twilight Princess ROM was one of the best games to come out from the franchise.

This game did wonders on the sales for Wii where it sold millions of copies worldwide.
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess Gamecube ROM shares a lot of characteristics with the original Legend of Zelda: Oricana of Time. Twilight Princess Gamecube ROM comes with a storyline way back when Link is nothing but an average guy in Ordon Village. We at Roms World Online also have Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past ROM


One morning, which seemed like any normal time, two beasts appear to take away four children with them. Link in the midst of all of this, get knocked out and falls unconscious.
When he finally gets back his consciousness, he sees the entirety of the Hyrule, the empire they lived in, covered in Twilight. This dark entity signaled doom in the entire region and the good of the people was about to be sabotaged.

Upon waking up, Link rushes to Hyrule. But when he gets there, he sees not an enchanting castle but a castle whose walls are covered in a dark obscure matter. When he gets close, a Shadow Beast arm pulls him through. Upon seeing the Triforce symbol on his arm, the creature drops him at that instant. This is when Link mysteriously turns into a wolf and meets another creature who happens to be the Twilight Princess named Midna.

After this incident, they both venture into the castle to look for Princess Zelda. She gets found locked in a cell by the monsters. When breaking her free, this is when Midna reveals the plans of the Twilight. The race of Twilight known as Twili is planning to merge their Twilight World of Darkness to the Hyrule, planning to fuse the darkness in it forever.

Here starts the adventure for Link, who is now the most important person in the kingdom.


  • Easy to get and play:
    Since the Wii has been obsolete, it’s difficult to get a hand on this game. But now with various software like dolphin emulator games of almost all platforms can be played easily on your PC or your phone.
    And we have the best Twilight Princess Gamecube ISO on the Internet which will work on flawlessly as all games for Dolphin Emulator.
  • Captivating Storyline:
    Twilight princess ROM has one of the best stories out of all Nintendo games. It’s important since it comprises most of the origin stories relating to Link and Hyrule.
    Trust me when I say this, playing this game is a spiritual experience and you’ll get it if you’re a passionate gamer. So have this on your dolphin emulator games list now!

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