Tomodachi Life Rom

Tomodachi Life Rom

Tomodachi Life Rom

Nintendo SPD
June 6, 2014
Nintendo 3DS Emulator

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Game Description

Tomodachi Life is a simulation video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS Nintendo absolute predicate multiplication. In the game, which is directly followed by Japan for DS-exclusive title tomodachi Books, was released in Japan in April 2013, June 2014 and July world South Korea in 2014.

In the sales game received positive reviews and good records. But in a game that many blamed reviewers have praised the minigames. Life is the name of his friends.

The game begins with the player personal Mii naming their island and creating or importing its own, the player’s referred to as the “look the same,” and the life of the apartment building.

The 100 toward building holds Miis. The reason for the player to import Miis Mii Maker; and the thoughts and behaviors at the threshold and QR codes to the 3DS in the room either through in-game Mii Maker.

Miis, and sent through a text-to-speech have unique personalities and software. Miis can then perform various activities, such as eating, trying on different outfits, falling in love himself, many of engaging in, and leisure activities.

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