Tekken 3 ROM

12 September 1998
Namco System 12
PlayStation, PSX, Arcade

Tekken 3 ROM is regarded as one of the famous games of all the time for Playstation/ PSX/ Arcade, selling millions of copies worldwide.

The game was directed by Yutaka Kounoe and developed by the legendary developers of Namco. You can watch its trailer below:

Game Description

Tekken 3 ROM is without a doubt one of the best arcade games ever made. It was the first arcade game to become of the best selling game for a video game console, which was the PlayStation. It was the fourth best selling game for PlayStation and is widely regarded as the game that forever changed the course of arcade gaming.
Tekken 3 ISO was developed and designed by a small gaming company (at the time) named Bandai Namco.

When fighting games are concerned, this game changed the genre completely with its brilliant complex story and new game mechanics. We at Roms World Online also have Twilight Princess ROM.


Here’s a brief explanation of what the plot for Tekken3 ISO looks like:
Heihachi Mishima is one of the powerful on Earth who is the owner of the Mishima Zaibatsu, an organization with the most advanced martial arts army and knowledge. With this, Heihachi managed to eradicate the evil of the world and maintained it’s peace.

It was until one day when a soldier of Mishima Zaibatsu was abducted and gravely wounded. In his last words, he manages to tell Heihachi who did this to him. An “Ogre”, a Fighting God that hunts down fighters.

Afterward, in Tekken ROM, on his next attack, Heihachi manages to have a look at Ogre. When he saw him, his urge to get the world for his good enraged. He plans to use Ogre to kill every power there is on Earth and become the most powerful man on Earth.

But to his surprise, Ogre’s next victim becomes his daughter-in-law, Jun Kazama. After supposedly killing her, Ogre leaves his son Jin Kazama behind and burns their place down.
Jin swears revenge on Ogre and asks Heihachi to train him well enough to beat Ogre to death.
Heihachi sees this as the perfect opportunity to use Jin as the one to lead to Ogre, so he does just that. There’s more to the story of Tekken 3 ROM than what is said here. Nevertheless, it’s one of the best stories in fighting games so far. We at Roms World Online, also have Pokemon Battle Revolution ROM.


  • More Tekken 3 ISO characters:
    Tekken3 ROM brought more characters to the game where a lot of them had their debut. Most notably, Hworang, Bryan Fury and Jin were the most loved new characters by the gamers.
  • Absolutely Free:
    All of our different Tekken 3 ROMs are completely free for anyone. Just find our download link and have yourself the best ROM on the internet.

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