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With new characters and gameplay elements, Star Fox 2 Continues the main story of the original Star Fox. New modes for multiplayer include: free-for-all, battle royal, and a time trial. This Super Nintendo ES rom is available for download.

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Star Fox 2 into a video game Star Fox series. This was the beginning, they were slated for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, setting Fox first star in 1993 Software Argonaut and Nintendo co-developed by the game, it is good to be better planned on FX chip, they play withdrawal of the medium in 1995 due Shigeru Miyamoto the impending release of the Nintendo 64, and a desire to use the most advanced system available new game star Fox.

Star Fox 2 continues the fight between the Star Fox team and Emperor Andross, who is attempting to conquer the Lylat world. It introduces semi-real-time gameplay, new types of ships, new members of the Star Fox team and a more sophisticated 3D game engine.

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