Top 9 Rarest NES Games Ever Made

Top 9 Rarest NES Games Ever Made

The Nintendo entertainment system was launched back in 1983. it was a huge success and hundreds of thousands of consoles were sold by Nintendo.

The NES is perhaps the most memorable and nostalgic part of today’s generation. Because of this, it is no surprise that the old classics of the NES are so pricey and valuable. Especially the rare ones among them.

Almost every day we see that NES original nintendo games value list are selling online for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Do many people ask how much are NES games worth? So we have made a list of the rarest NES games list of all time.

9) Tmnt tournament:

This is a very rare NES game, the reason for its scarcity can be contributed to the fact that it was released much after the release of the Super Nintendo. For an NES game worth to be released after the launch of the next-gen console is a really bad start. This puts tmnt tournament in a really bad spot, to begin with, and to further worsen the situation it was never released in Japan, It was only released in a few regions. All these factors make this fighting game classic a truly rare game and the reason we placed this game in the rarest NES games price list. we have also a game just like it named as Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn ROM only on Roms World.

8) Snow Bros:

Snow bros is another great value of NES game prices classic that is really rare on the market. It was initially an arcade game but was soon ported to the Nintendo NES worth. Unfortunately, even with the incredibly fun co-op that this game had to offer, it was not enjoyed by the public. Furthermore, on its release, it was overshadowed by the other great games of NES releasing that year. This led to the creator of the game to file for bankruptcy. All this makes this an incredibly rare NES game and an extremely valuable NES game at that, it may even be one of the rare NES game of all time. This game is just like Persona 3 FES ROM.

7) Bubble bobble 2:

Bubble bobble 1 was a great hit on the NES and its sequel got people really excited, but the problem with bb2 was that it was released far too late. It was one of the last games to release on the NES, other than that it also featured poor graphics and gameplay mechanics. This really angered the fans and soon the production of this game was stopped. This sudden stop in production made it really rare. So if you’re wondering about the NES game’s price than these days you can get a copy of this as much as 500 dollars. That’s a lot for a game like this Resident Evil 3 ROM.

6) Nintendo campus challenge:

During the early nineties, Nintendo toured college campuses to seek out a winner for the Nintendo campus challenge. To win this competition you simply had to beat a specially designed game from Nintendo, it was actually a compilation of different segments from different Nintendo originals. Nintendo only ever made one cartridge for the competition. It was thought to be lost but a few years back it surfaced on eBay for over 20000 dollars. The man who sold it found it in a garage sale. It’s the rarest NES game you can get since there is just one cartridge of the game. This puts it on the top of our rarest NES games list.

5) Panic restaurant:

Just like a game Final Fantasy Tactics ROM, the panic restaurant is a great NES game that has been widely regarded as the best looking game on NES. It was unfortunately released very late into the console’s life cycle, at that time SNES games were more popular and were the choice for many retailers since they made more money off of them. It had a very distinct art design, a few copies were ever sold. All these factors make it a rare NES game one of the rarest NES games of all time. These days a copy of a panic restaurant can cost you about a grand.

4) Bonk’s adventure:

Bonk’s Adventure is another really rare NES game. It was originally released on the TG-16 the additional graphical power of the new console made this game that much better. But since it was released for a console that would soon become obsolete. It was ported to other consoles of the time like the NES. But like all other games on this list, it was released too late. This made it one of the rarest NES games of all time, which can cost you as much as a 1000$ today.

3) Cheetahmen 2:

Cheetahmen was originally never launched but unlike most un launched games. The cartridges that are on sale these days are not produced from imitation ROM’s, they are the actual thing. Like Resident Evil 3 ROM. A bunch of copies of the cheetahmen 2 was found in a warehouse ready to be launched but unfortunately never left the storage facility due to some problems that the developers of the game face. This makes this NES game very rare and also very pricey. A copy of this game can cost you as much as fifteen hundred dollars.

2) Stadium Events:

Stadium events are a super rare and expensive value NES game. Since only a few copies of this game are actually available people spend a lot of money just to get their hands on one of these. Some people go as far as to pay ten thousand dollars just for the box it comes in. The price for this rare and exclusive game tends to fluctuate, ranging from ten thousand dollars all the way up to fifty thousand. This makes it second on the top 100 rarest NES games list.

1) Super Mario Bros (test launch):

Before actually rolling out the original super Mario bros Nintendo decided to do a test launch of their newest game. The thing that makes this copy of the game unique is it’s special Nintendo logo on the front. It is a really rare game and people are willing to pay a lot of money for this game. Recently, a copy of it was sold for an astonishing sky-high price of a hundred and forty thousand dollars. It is surely one of the best rare NES games for sale of all time and is definitely top of the rarest NES games list and also on the top of the rare NES games price list.