Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy 3DS Rom

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy 3DS Rom

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy 3DS Rom

November 8, 2013
Nintendo 3DS Emulator

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Game Description

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy of the game series for the Nintendo 3DS. Make a Nintendo game was confirmed for the presentation of Japanese August 29, 2012. SECOND-5 CEO Akihiro Hino, it will be the last game in the series to star the Cross Professor as the main character.

So the game on Nintendo Direct North American and European localization in both events of April 17, 2013. I was released on November 8th in Europe and released in North America on 28 February, 2014. After the game becomes one of the Miracle of the seasons a ton of things and Professor of the mask.

From the prequel trilogy series concludes. Tokyo Game Show 2012 for a full three-minute video to be revealed. Professor featured in the movie Cross Luke, Clinical with a couple of new characters; Desmond Sycamore fellow archaeologist in London and the Dawn of the living creature which is linked to the legacy of Mother Azran civilization. The game was released in Japan on February 28, 2013.

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