Pokemon Crystal ROM

Pokemon Crystal ROM

Pokemon Crystal ROM

Nintendo,The Pokemon Company
July 29, 2001
GameBoy Color, GameBoy Color Emulator

Pokemon Crystal is regarded as one of the best selling games ever to release for Gameboy, selling more than 6 million copies worldwide.

The game was designed by Satoshi Tagiri, Ken Sugimori, Junichi Masuda and developed by the legendary developers GameFreak.

Game Description

The game was first released in 2000 and is since known as one of the best Pokemon games ever released.

Game Plot (Pokemon Crystal Download):

Unlike the Craced version Pokemon Liquid Crystal ROM, this one actually has a much better plot. Crystal Pokemon continues the legacy of great RPG storylines as they always did. The player starts as a new Pokemon Trainer and to get the first Pokemon, the player goes to Professor Elm’s Lab. The player gets to select one from three Pokemons: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile.

When the player is done selecting the Pokemon and leaves the lab, the player finds himself/herself in a surprise Pokemon battle against a mysterious Trainer. After that battle, all hell breaks loose when the same sab lab where the player first visited gets attacked and gets a Pokemon.

When the details of the robber are given out, it turns out that they match exactly to the trainer in the recent Pokemon battle. Now starts a new adventure to find this mysterious Pokemon trainer and become the hero!

Features of Pokemon Crystal:

Pokemon Crystal ROM was the better version of the original one in most ways. Most notably, the game now had colors and better visuals, thanks to the new Gameboy Color. Later versions of the Pokemon Crystal were released for GameBoy Color and Nintendo 3DS.

  • Visuals:
    All of the new Gameboy Color ROMs came with better-integrated visuals, which made the games more colorful than ever. This made the experience of handheld gaming a lot more interesting and captivating to look at. This is exactly what Crystal Pokemon GBC roms have. A brilliantly designed game overall.
  • Brilliant RPG Experience:
    The Pokemon Crystal Version brings a brilliantly crafted storyline that isn’t rushed nor dragged as you progress through the game. Decisions you make affect your performance so every part of the game demands you to be more mindful which is why millions around the world adore the Pokemon franchise and their games. Our Pokemon emulator lets you get the exact experience for free on your phones. So get from us the best ROM for Pokemon Crystal online.

GBC ROMs (Gameboy Color ROMs) is probably one of the most searched emulators on the Internet. It is no surprise since all the classics that we all used to play in our childhood are still dearly loved. Such craft and dedication into making a game aren’t found anymore. So playing these gbc games become more desirable.

Being passionate gamers ourselves, we decided to bring the community with the best emulators so everyone could enjoy the nostalgia. With the same motivation, we came with the best Pokemon Crystal Clear download emulator that will work on almost any mobile device. Get more about the game from the wiki.

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