Pokemon Black 2 ROM

Pokemon Black 2 ROM

Pokemon Black 2 ROM

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June 23, 2012
Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Emulator

Pokemon Black 2 is the sequel to 1st generation five games and are created 2 years when the Pokemon Black ROM events.

Game Description

Game Plot:
Pokemon black 2 (USA) was released two years after the first part pokemon black and white and the Unova region changed dramatically with new locations and from previous generations. The player, Nate, the male protagonist, or Rosa, the protagonist, starts at a location southwest of Una, called Aspertia City, with Hugh, the rival.

About Pokemon Black 2 (Download ROM):

Pokemon Black 2 Nds and Pokemon White 2 are sequels to 1st generation five games and are created 2 years when the Pokemon Black & White event. This is often totally different from the same old single unleash. They are for the Nintendo DS console just like Pokemon Liquid Crystal ROM.

This is often doubtless to permit games to use an equivalent maps and graphics, and attract a bigger audience. Of course, they conjointly work with Nintendo’s latest 3DS console. There are some special options that solely work on DSi and 3DS. More information can be found on Pokemon Black 2 Wiki 

Features of Pokemon Black 2 ROM Drastic (Nintendo DS):

Pokemon Black 2 has many more features compared to it’s previous version. It delivers much more rich graphics and overall a better gaming experience. There are many new changes to the storyline of the game too like the overall idea of the player starting in Nuvema Town, instead of starting in Aspertia City. More features are listed below:

  • Modified Gameplay (For Android too)
    This part has the new Challenge mode as well as the Easy Mode which makes the gameplay much better. Memory Link is introduced which allows the user to look into the past.
  • High Quality Graphics (For iOS too):
    The graphics in Pokemon Black 2 are 10x better than the previous versions. You rarely find any glitches in the scenes and the visuals are stunning(for a Pokemon games on NDS of course)

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