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July 13, 2006
PlayStation 2 PlayStation Portable

Persona 3 ROM is regarded as one of the famous games of all the time for  Sony Playstation 2/ PSX/ PSP, selling millions of copies worldwide.

The game was directed by Katsura Hashino and developed by the legendary developers of Atlus. You can watch its trailer below:

Game Description

Persona 3 Portable ISO can be considered as the light or a portable version of the original Persona 3. This game was compressed down for the Playstation’s PSP devices for which they had to trim down a lot of things that made Person 3 so good.

Nevertheless, with its gameplay alone, Person 3 PSP managed to deliver one of the best experiences of the PSP console. The game was designed by Shigenori Soejima and written by Yuichiro Tanaka. The music for this Persona 3 FES ISO was one of the best-composed pieces in that time and this all was the magic of Shoji Meguro.

Persona 3 Portable ROM, as mentioned earlier, took a lot of things off of the original Persona 3. This included the brilliant anime cinematic cuts between game modes that made the game a lot more interesting. Many of the animations were removed to make the game light enough for PSP hardware.

Persona 3 PSP also trimmed and compressed the video and audio quality of the game. Lastly, a Japanese episode from the game was removed. Sounds like the game was left for dead right? But the developers had other better plans which surely made the Person 3 ISO equally entertaining as the original game. You can also enjoy Kirby Games Right Here!

Plot for Persona FES emulator:

The plot for Persona ISO sets in a Japanese city called Iwatodai. A certain group of students who study in the Gekkoukan High School got involved in something they never saw coming. Something very mysterious happened to the High School in Person 3 portable ISO.

Overnight, the High School became a huge tower named Tartarus. This tower was infested with beats all around that supposedly came from the secret experiments. Due to this, the beasts came as a result of the spawning of the Dark Hour.

Now the plot of Persona 3 PSP depends on these students. But these aren’t any ordinary students. They are the “SEES” or also called “Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad”, who are deployed for missions as tough as these.

The main weapon that these students have is what makes the Persona 3 ROM basis. They are tasked with summoning their personas, which they swap pretty extensively throughout the game, to overthrow the wrath of the beasts and save the world before its too late.


  • Persona 3 PC compatible:
    With our Persona Portable ROM, you’ll be able to play this amazing game on your PCs for free! We have carefully made this ISO so that any PC could run it without any hassle. So get your Persona 3 PSP ROM now.
  • Decent graphics:
    Even though the game has been released for quite a while now, Person 3 emulator brings a great visual experience for the players. Since the very first frame of the game, you’ll get hooked to the brilliantly animated characters and environments. Download our Persona 3 FES ROM now and see it for yourself!
  • Easy to play:
    Ten minutes into Person 3 FES ISO and we guarantee you that you’ll able to nail this game. That’s how easy to play this game is. Once you get hold of the basic tactics, you can become invincible on any level whatsoever.
  • Free to play:
    The best thing about every p3p iso is that they are all for free. The entire database of the games is available for any enthusiast who might want to play all the great titles PSP ever had. The same goes for our Persona 3 Portable ROM.

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