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Parasite Eve Rom Download for the “PlayStation” game is available to download only on ROMsWorld. Parasite Eve Rom requires an emulator to play the game offline.

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In 1998, Parasite Eve horror video game role-playing survival developed and published by Square enix. The game is a sequel, a new parasite Eve, written by Hideaki Sena is the first video game to game in the series Parasite Eve.

The story follows from that of a police officer, Aya Brea is in the New York City in the 1997 the space of six days, there are, in order that all those things are, however, had to stop’s name Eve: for he is thinking of his own accord to destroy mankind, the kind of woman of a sorrowful human combustion.

Players explore levels set in areas of New York, utilizing as it is for some pausable real-time combat system role-playing game elements. Parasite Eve-rated 1000 Squaresoft game first, and the first major Japanese and American game development collaboration for the company. Therefore it is from Hironobu Sakaguchi, Markus Tokita.

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