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On release PacMan received critical acclaim. The most praised aspects of the game were the visuals, audio, and gameplay. Download for the “Nintendo ES” game is available to download only on ROMsWorld.

Game Description

Pac-Man is an arcade game developed fraud and released by Namco in 1980. The original Japanese title a puck that turns into a Pac-Man for free nations against the defacement of the arcade machines as a preventative measure. Outside of Japan, the game was published in the central part of its licensing for the Games and Namco America.

Player controls Pac-Man, who closed within four points in the food, avoiding dark colors mistake. Now been fully stated the reason why the power of the blue dots being turned, the brightness of the flashes of a great light: to eat, leading them to the spirits of the dead, allowing them to eat Pac-Man bonus points

The development of the game began in early 1979, the direct Toru Iwatani and nine man team ,. Iwatani has willed to create, that it was able to challenge the game at the same time to the women as well as men,

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