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My Horse & Me received generally favorable reviews. This is an amazing game, it had great character development and story. This Nintendo DS rom is available for download.

Game Description

My Horse & ME is a leaping aka jumping game issued by the Atari video game for Wii, Nintendo DS, and Windows. The first game to be released exclusively by those in partnership with the Atari FEI. To ride a horse, the horse to have a thing to me, pretends that he is grooming the learning on this horse.

You can need to be trained, the horse, and there shall be one in the contest with the champions. In the game, gamers can unlock mini games, new tack, and do you and your horse. , A Dane and Cypel, a helper in the operator, which he unrolled in the team seemed to be running out of ideas, and of horses.

It will not be able to create the most interesting project that was all in the family, my love, was mourning for the genus of animal, -quartum we aim at a target. Decided to settle in style bay areas. The investigation to be made varies from person to find the horses

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