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Nintendo 64

On release Mario Party 2 received critical acclaim. The most praised aspects of the game were the visuals, audio, and gameplay. Download for the “Nintendo 64” game is available to download only on ROMsWorld.

Game Description

Maria Part 2 (also called MP2) is not popular in the second game boy Mario series, the Nintendo 64, so it is different from the original game, although they will have some new features. Some features of the new behavior includes coverings for each grade, in which buildings are items you are allowed to buy or pay coins new spaces, and so on

Mario and gang fights broths of an amusement park. The objective is simple and similar to the previous Mario boy, give the stars and defeat Bowser. This leads to the first game in the history of the use of collectible items Mario Party;

As soon as the game items, but only added the optional game rules or game modes. Each has its own skills, and in turn the tables, and playable characters, as well as Bowser, the material on board wear outfits.

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