Luigis Mansion 3DS Rom

Luigis Mansion 3DS Rom

Luigis Mansion 3DS Rom

October 19, 2018
Nintendo 3DS Emulator

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Game Description

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon of the game on Nintendo 3DS. Luigi’s Mansion is a sequel.

This game has five homes, has an upgrade of the 3000 Poltergust and Poltergust Whenever it by him. Not released on April 24, 2013, for the 3DS. In this game, Boo returns King and smashed the moon itself a shadow of gaining all the pieces of the Valley of ghosts in a hostile Evershade being. Marcus to recover all the darkness of the moon number.

In the following pages, which are revealing to them that the king was captured Boo Mario World in the same way as before. Luigi’s Mansion is the main antagonist Book reports that the king: the moon.

He is found to the destruction of it in the opening cutscene, the dark moon, the valley of souls to perish, all the power of Evershade had dinned, by their mansions located there. Mark, with the whole of the game, the higher is almost like a mansion of the apparitions, to Poltergust 5000.

Luigi, Louis was, trying to discover the journeys of the game is solving puzzles to be unconquered when they ought to examine closely into a great one more puzzles to demand any amount of space. Now this game, each house is divided up into missions with the final mission will always be a boss fight.

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