Ice Age: Continental Drift 3Ds Rom

Ice Age: Continental Drift 3Ds Rom

Ice Age: Continental Drift 3Ds Rom

July 10, 2012
Nintendo 3DS Emulator

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Game Description

Ice Age: Continental Drift – Military Games is a video game based on the film of the same name. You need to choose your pain. If you pick Manny is pain and play like geology at first (tunnel sliding race), then with a pumice stone dust (long jump and glyptodon throw).

Granny, in Gupta (outdoor sliding race): Diego the shirt (dance band), peaches Raz the reasons (target) and Manny drops into the tunnel slip into another team sport where the ice will break in the signal path.

Sometimes you play as Scrat, in the levels based off the hole in the Ice Age: The Meltdown. In the second place, after the same thing, and you will have to deal with Granny Marc (Marc whole world, and you say in a loud voice), nor Vulcan, and Gupta (Gupta, Vulcan is a loud voice, and it is totally silent). There must be sent to more Scrat Scrat trampolines moving air can not fly.

Then, when they have Diego and weak shirt to break the ice platform as quickly as it can and should win. After the end of the end is shown: If it’s good for the team’s Manny does not like a treasure. Shira, he recalls the accident and the like, because the money he receives on the gutt.

To dispel Manfred Guss has promised to come. If it’s good for the end Guss crew at the treasury, or cattle pirates are keeping sighs.

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