Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar Rom

Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar Rom

Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar Rom

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Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar received generally favorable reviews. This is an amazing game, it had great character development and story. This Nintendo DS rom is available for download.

Game Description

Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar (牧場 物語 よ う こ そ! 風 の バ ザ ー ル へ Bokujō Monogatari: Yokoso! Kaze no Bazara E, in the village story Sometimes the Wind bazaar) is the fifth title for the Nintendo DS and the nineteenth game in Harvest moon series.

In the games which is quite a different thing from the commercial port, that of all the standing corn of the fruits he shall sell unto them, and every weekend. , And a higher profit is it with the other vendors to compete on behalf of their clients’ you away with it, and satisfaction.

If you want to make the most money, most customers, satisfaction, or both, if you can get a prize attend the next day, the results announcement. There is a town with the most splendid in the world’s market of the west wind, drawing customers from all the four corners of the earth, and they traded.

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Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar
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