Fantasy Life 3DS Rom

Fantasy Life 3DS Rom

Fantasy Life 3DS Rom

26 September 2014
Nintendo 3DS Emulator

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Game Description

Fantasy life is a role-playing video game simply because of Nintendo 3DS. 1-Up is a game developed by Studio (Formerly Brownie Brown) Level 5 and with help from the right side. The game takes place again.

The game, which was inflicted of many of the cities of the plains, and the mountains were in the world, to return to the fantasy. And I shall continue to observe, they shall accomplish their days in the living of the citizens and the government’s way of governing.

Once this peaceful when the broken home state of meteorite falls on the player, setting off a chain of events, and they are both really foretold prophecy involving the moon goddess’s husband.

A player is out of the earth, Eric, at the request of, and Hiero, the tyrant of Castel (in fact, one of the nations,) investigate, that the former of these events, such as meteorites, iron (dubbed Doomstones, within three days, called Christians, The inhabitants of the world’s) ability to fill creation in the dark, destructive energy.

The quest to operate, they are united by the fact that the glowing metal butterfly and the ability to speak. As the game progresses, and this is her real name, and reveals to the butterfly is the form of the Yuelu, the daughter of heavenly things, in fact, from the time when the people, let us adore him, just as the Goddess of life.

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