Detective Pikachu Rom

Detective Pikachu Rom

Detective Pikachu Rom

March 23, 2018
Nintendo 3DS Emulator

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Game Description

Detective Pikachu is the Nintendo 3DS game to be announced October 2013. It features a detective mystery game which the player can solve crimes with Pikachu as the player’s partner, all too rare blue special Pikachu introduced a new series.

The Japanese TV series “elite” like a medium rare version of Pikachu announced that they will play in the death. This game may have amiibo is unknown if required Pikachu amiibo will only happen in Episode 2 or compatible only with an update in Episode 1 features will be added to the eighth amiibo the Pokemon franchise.

A developer founded in 2019 released two months before the events of the game, Thomas Goodman injured detective and a partner in a car accident Pikachu, while seeking the cause. After Henry disappears Pikachu loses its ability suffers from amnesia else.

Tim Goodman set to betray the confidence of his father’s whereabouts has arrived in the city of Ryme. Tahn two aipos to leave the station started causing trouble, and I steal a young girl’s neck. Tim Pikachu up to meet his father, who called himself “the detective Pikachu.”

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