Best SNES Games Of All Time

Best SNES Games Of All Time

Snes featured a generational leap over the last gaming system by Nintendo NES. The SNES like the NES was a huge success and was loved by fans all over the world.

It featured some really memorable titles that not only were really fun to play when we were little but are also fun to play again. Among the different types of games that were on the Super Nintendo, the most gripping and fun games to play where the list of SNES RPGs.

So because of this, we have compiled a list of the best SNES RPGs of all time.

14) Chrono Trigger:

First up on our list is Chrono trigger, this game features a very interesting set of characters and a really enjoyable turn-based fighting mechanism. The plot of the game revolves around a boy named Chrono. Who somehow gets accidentally transported to the past, Chrono is tasked with a very challenging task, he must save the world. Luckily he is not alone, he is accompanied by his friends. It is surely one of the best SNES RPGs.

13) World of mana:

World of mana is another amazing SNES RPG. It features a gripping storyline accompanied by amazing combat mechanics and surprisingly co-op. The co-op option can be used to play with your friends, this is a rare feature in SNES fantasy games. The story features a young boy who has to save humanity from the wrath of the gods, after the terrible feud between humans and gods on the sacred energy source “mana” our protagonist now has to resolve this dispute by defeating hordes of monsters. It will be soon available on Roms World.

12) Final Fantasy VI:

The final fantasy series is known for making amazing games, FFVI is no exception. This top SNES RPG features an amazing blend of characters and an extremely addictive storyline. If you chose to play this SNES RPG than you will surely be spending a long time on it. With 13 different characters and the newly introduced relic system, you will surely enjoy your time playing this SNES RPG.

11) Earthbound:

Earthbound is an amazing SNES RPG, it is a very fun game with a very interesting storyline. The story features a young boy who has to save the universe from an alien invasion. Where Shining the Holy Ark game is similar to it whereas the best part about earthbound’s storyline is definitely the comedic bits, they do a great job of keeping the storyline engaging. The gameplay mechanics are somewhat similar to the Pokemon games, where you encounter enemies while you are traveling towards a particular destination. Overall, it’s one of the best super Nintendo RPGs. 

10) Breath of fire 2:

In a breath of fire 2, you play the role of a young boy who is in search for his lost pet, during our quest to find our lost pet we soon find out the truth of our ancestral heritage. There are a lot of mysteries to unfold in this SNES RPG game. Overall, it’s a great super Nintendo RPG game that features new elements and surely a generational leap of graphics and game mechanics over the last game.

9) Tales of Phantasia:

This is one of the best RPG on SNES, it could the best SNES RPG of all time. Tales of Phantasia is the first installment of the Tales series, it features a great storyline with a one of a kind live-action combat mechanic. As it is a game like Xenoblade Chronicles ISO where the gripping story will surely persuade you to keep playing for a little longer. If you’re in the market to play good SNES RPGs than surely give tales of Phantasia a try.

8) Star Ocean:

Star ocean is definitely a member of the best super Nintendo RPG games list. it revolves around a plague infecting a whole plant and how our two protagonists have to go back in time to save the world by curing the plague and also preventing a major war. It’s a great super Nintendo RPG and surely one of the best RPGs for super Nintendo.

7) Secret Of Evermore:

Just like a game Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past ROM. The story starts off with our main protagonist and his dog being transported to the magical world of evermore. Evermore is a very fascinating sci-fi world which features amazing levels all tied to different aspects of real history. It is one of the best RPGs on SNES.

6) Dragon Quest V:

Dragon quest 5 features an amazing unique gameplay style. The most interesting part about this game is that you can see your character grow from a young child into a married man. It has various time skips all and over forty different monsters that you can add to your party and evolve into stronger monsters. This is one of the best SNES jrpg and is surely included in the top 10 SNES RPG games just like Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 ROM.

5) Treasure of Rudras:

This game has a very interesting storyline, on the planet that this game is set on has a very specific rule. After every 4000 years, humanity has to perish. With only 15 days left, our main protagonist has a plan he will use a sacred treasure to create the perfect warrior to defeat the Rudra. It is an amazing turn-based SNES RPG with features such as creating your own spell feature. It is included in the best Super Nintendo RPG games list. 

4) Shadowrun:

Shadowrun is a great SNES RPGs, it focuses on the life of a young man who wakes up in a morgue with no recollection of his past. It is a simple but extremely fun shooting SNES RPG with a really interesting storyline. It is definitely of the best SNES RPGs on the market and is surely among the top SNES RPG games list of all times. It is just like a game named as Twilight Princess ROM that is also available on Roms World.

3) Shin Megami Tensei 2:

The storyline for this amazing SNES RPG is placed in a pretty much post-apocalyptic world. Earth is inhabited and humans now, in order to survive, need to live in closed cities. One boy wakes up one day to find that he has been chosen to once again bring peace into this broken world. You can also relate this game to Moemon Fire Red. Through his journey, he finds many interesting characters and explores many unique places. The super nes RPG also features a new fighting system, now not only can you tell when you are going to fight your next fight but you can also avoid it even during the fight. This RPGs games SNES is truly among the top SNES role-playing-games of all time. 

2) Live A live:

Live a live is a pretty interesting and unique in its gameplay style and storytelling technique. You have the options to explore different pathways, each one of them is composed of several different chapters which you can access and play in any order. On completion, you also get the option to play some secret hidden chapters. It’s a really fun game to play and surely one of the best SNES RPG games of all time. This game is also similar to Castlevania: Symphonies of the Night.

1) Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen:

This is a really good super Nintendo role-playing game. It is a SNES fantasy-style game that features a ton of customization options from the start and lets the user develop their own storyline by achieving a different ending based on the user’s gaming style. The story starts off when our protagonist is trying to seek revenge for the death of the empress RPGs for SNES. In his quest for vengeance, he somehow releases a great evil on this earth that only he can stop now. A great feature of this game is the fact that it is affected by the time of day you play it, so if you played it in the morning you will face different enemies than you would by playing it at night. It is truly among the top 10 SNES RPGs to play. It is also like a game Shining Force 3 ROM.