8 Best Fillers in Anime & Games Ever Made

8 Best Fillers in Anime & Games Ever Made

Fillers are episodes in anime and games that don’t continue the original story of the manga. They are made to create suspense in the original story but they are also made to give the writers and production companies more time to make better and more interesting episodes that move the original story of the manga forward. Now many fans, viewers, and gamers tend to skip filler arcs because they don’t move the story forward, but some filler arcs are worthy of your time. Hence in this article, we will discuss some of the best filler arcs in anime and game history.

Bleach best filler arc:

Bleach best filler arc

Bleach is a very famous anime, now the anime has many filler arcs and we are sure that the fans and the viewers find this very annoying but the invading army arc is one of the best arcs. Most of the arc is based on the manga but some of the episodes are fillers. The final episode is one of the best filler episodes in anime history. It is very thrilling and considering that the arc is filler it is animated to perfection.

Attack on Titan best filler arc and episodes:

Attack on Titan best filler
Attack on Titan is a fan favorite anime. It has many amazing characters and the story is extremely captivating. Unlike Naruto and Bleach, Attack on Titan does not have many seasons that have plenty of fillers. Although the anime does have some amazing filler episodes. The best filler episode in the anime is definitely Hero. Episode 17 of season 3 of the anime is a well-anticipated end of the identity of the Beast Titan. The episode features a thrilling fight between Levi and the Beast Titan.

Sailor moon filler arc:

Sailor moon filler arc
Sailor Moon is a very old yet classic anime. The anime is very famous and it is actually one of the first anime to be translated into English. The best filler arc in all of Sailor Moon is Makai Tree Arc. The arc has many fulfilling moments and it also has character development. If you are a Sailor Moon fan we highly recommend you watch this arc. The arc is very small as it has only 13 episodes but we are sure you will love it.

Naruto Shippuden best filler arc:

Naruto Shippuden best filler arc
Naruto is again a very famous anime. It is watched all around the world and it has many fans. Since the anime is very famous the episodes that move the story of the manga along should be perfect. Hence Naruto has many filler episodes. Naruto also has many amazing filler arcs that are fan favorites. The best Naruto filler arc is definitely Kakashi’s Anbu arc. Even though the arc is not included in the original story, you will never know that the arc is a filler because it is made and written perfectly. Kakashi is also a very loved character among fans hence the viewers and the fans both love the arc.

Pokémon black and white:

Pokémon black and white
Pokémon black and white is an amazing game. The story of the game does not have anything to do with the original manga. Hence we can say that the game is a filler arc. The game is very fun to play. It is one of the first Pokémon game adaptations and it is loved by both gamers and fans. Hence we highly recommend that you play the game. You can download the game here

Magic Maze:

Magic Maze

The game is very well made and it is perfect for a game night. The game has a multiplayer playthrough, it is best when played with six or more people. The best thing about the game is that the filler part of the game is just as good as the original story mode game. Our team is confident that this game will not let you down.

Just one:

Just one

Just one is another amazing filler game. It is a word game. This game is also made as a multiplayer game. We highly recommend you play this game with your friends and family. We are sure you will love it. Just one is a fun and easy game to play.

The Mind:

The Mind
The Mind is definitely a fan favorite. We highly recommend that you play this game. The game is very addictive. We are sure you will have a fun game night if you play the mind.


In this article, we talked about some of the best filler episodes. The filler episodes that we talked about are amazing to watch again but if you are a fan of the anime we highly recommend that you watch the best filler arcs of your favorite anime. We also talked about some of the best filler games to play. Hence make sure to use our list on game night or when you are bored.

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