A Link Between Worlds 3Ds Rom

A Link Between Worlds 3Ds Rom

A Link Between Worlds 3Ds Rom

Nintendo EAD
November 22, 2013
Nintendo 3DS Emulator

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Game Description

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between world action-adventure game developed and published for the Nintendo 3DS from Nintendo. 17 and no installment in the Legend of Zelda sequel Series A game of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System 1991 Link to the Past.

Was announced in January 2013: A Directory released in Australia Between the world, Europe and North America in November 2013. A month later, which is to be released in Japan Legend of Zelda: Triforce of the Gods 2 (Triforce of the Gods is the title of a Japanese link to the past).

The behavior of the young players in the game, Link, Hyrule, and restore peace to the kingdom, after he sets out in his ways shall they flee from the evil sorcerer of Yuga age about to come to the Lorule in the captures of the captain of the king, and of a rift with of Zelda.

Development of the idea began with a small team in 2009. The game mechanic Connection merging into walls was prototyped during this process. Production, however, experienced many setbacks and ended entirely in late 2010, when members of the core team were reassigned to various projects.

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